- Liquidity provided by Treasury:

Liquidity provided by Treasury to the borrowers

Borrowing from the treasury means that the profits from liquidity go to our coin's treasury fully. You can only borrow from the treasury, but of course, not lend to it. This will be our main utility and the first one to be released. It also guarantees a fixed rate, meanwhile other upcoming options may vary depending on market conditions and lenders feelings. These are the costs we've stablished: Borrowing 1ETH for 1 month has a cost of 0.1ETH. The increase is linear until 4ETH. Afterwards, 0.07 ETH of cost is added for every borrowed ETH, following the formula x = m*(b/10) if b < 4 and x = m(b/10 + (b-4)*0.07) if b > 4, where b is the borrowed amount of ETH, m is the amount of months, and x is the cost. No taxes are ever taken from the token.

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