- Liquidity provided by Lenders:

Liquidity provided by independent Lenders to borrowers

This will be the first update for our utility, and its second version. Lenders will just be people who decided to stake their ETH in our protocol, in exchange of generating 75% of the revenue that their lent liquidity generates. On this functionality of the protocol, there are 2 possible sides to take. You can either be a lender, or a borrower. These are explained right below. As a Lender: You stake ETH, the liquidity of a borrower's token increases as per volume, you get the ETH back as the liquidity, while the protocol takes a 25% cut of the profits. As a borrower: You borrow ETH following the rate of whom lent it. They will never be able to take taxes from your token, as our protocol does not allow it for any lender; meaning that, besides borrowing the liquidity, you can just run your token as you would normally.

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