- Liquidity marketplace:

A marketplace in which you can buy/sell locked liquidities

Why would someone ever buy a locked liquidity for its value? Well, you wouldn't. Hence why sellers are encouraged (but not obliged) to set a value lower than the liquidity they are selling. So, this is exactly what you would expect it to be. Let's imagine you have an urgent need of money. However, as a developer, some of your needed liquidity(money) is locked for another 2 months. You cannot wait that time, so we, as a platform, offer a solution! We'll provide a marketplace in which you can sell a locked liquidity to independent buyers, at the price you want. Selling locked liquidities will enable both the seller and the buyer to benefit in different ways: As a seller, you are getting money upfront for an amount which is still locked. You will most likely get a bit less, however, as it is your own rate, it will satisfy your needs and enable you to basically fund infinite launches, as you can just borrow, sell locked LP, then re-borrow. Or, not borrow at all, and just sell it to buy... whatever urgency you needed! As a buyer, you are paying an amount of ETH today, to get a secured return on it, after a period of time. "Wow, multiplying money!" Yes, this is the closest you'll ever get. However, the money is locked liquidity (literally), so you will have to wait until you can use it. Make sure you are in no need of money in case an urgency happens! So, in conclusion, this will allow people to invest money to get a determined specific return over the course of time, which is something never seen before on investing (as ROI's usually vary depending on market conditions). This will be the third and final version of our utility. We firmly believe this will be game-changing.

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