Thresholds & ruling for revenue share.

The revenue share will be given depending on thresholds being reached. These thresholds account for the following amounts: - 20k - 50k - 100k - 150k - every 50k. So, upon hitting one of these thresholds, once the funds are unlocked, the money is split between holders, following the 'stakeholder' logic of 1:1, proportional to the user's holdings, meaning holding 1% will get you 1% of revenue. We've decided to cut off the team's 25% cut for now, hence it will be a 1:1 % relation, not 1:0,75%. In order to be eligible for this share of revenue, users will have to hold 250 $LP tokens, at least. It's important to know that the revenue will not be claimed anywhere, instead, it'll be given directly to the holder's wallets, as an airdrop.

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