How the utilities benefit our holders.

Holders will be able to enjoy a cut of the revenue generated by our Protocol, while also having exclusive perks around it. From time to time (undeterministic) there will be chances to get special discounts on Treasury borrows, which only apply to holders. There will also be contests for prizes and nice rewards. However, our main offer for holders is a share of our revenue. Our revenue will be separated in the following way: For the treasury:

- 50% will go back to the Treasury. - 25% will go to holders - 25% will go to team For the other phases of the utility:

- 50% will go to holders - 50% will go to team Every single tax report will be made public for transparency reasons, allowing people to "do the math" in case of doubt. Team will also be always open to questions as long as done respectfully about the management of funds.

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