๐Ÿ’งLiquid Protocol - Introduction

An introduction to the first protocol for liquidity providers on the ERC20 network, compatible with UNISWAP V2.

Liquid Protocol provides liquidity lending solutions to its users while generating a revenue for thyself, thus making a safe-and-guaranteed profit on deposits, over an undefined period of time. There will be 3 main phases, which will be explained below: - Liquidity provided by Treasury: The coin's taxes will fund a Treasury which can be borrowed by users to use as liquidity for ERC20 tokens deployed on the UNISWAP V2 network. - Liquidity provided by Lenders: Lenders can fund and provide liquidity for someone to borrow, in exchange of the majority of the profit made. - Liquidity marketplace: People can buy/sell locked liquidities. These utilities have been explained in the order they will happen.

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